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Offices, hotel rooms, shopping malls bus station, train station, bus terminal, airports, ports, business entrance-exits, warehouse entrances, cargo companies, goods acceptance points, goods delivery points, school entrance-exits, official It is designed to be used in places where there is a possibility of virus-mold-spore bacteria that people can take directly into the body via viral or tactile places in places with human traffic such as flats, sports facilities, public transportation vehicles.

Due to their structure, the UVC sources on the system disrupt the DNA structures of microorganisms such as viruses, molds, spores, bacteria that hang in the air or threaten human health by being found alive and placed on the products thanks to the wavelength rays in the range of 254-270nm.

Using powerful UV technology, the unit cleans escalators without contact and corrosive liquid cleaners. The system equipped with 6 UV rays is in the range of 200 nm to 280 nm UV-C with 41watt UV output per lamp.

Unlike UV LEDs that emit 276 nm to 283 nm, these germicidal fluorescent lights are optimized at 254 nm. The 254 nm band ensures maximum UV absorption during treatment. Sanitation using this UV-C wavelength with fluorescent lights has been extensively tested and is the current industry standard.

Thanks to the UVC sources on HNT-1935-KULE, it neutralizes the DNA contact of the microorganisms such as viruses, molds, spores, bacteria that threaten human health on the surfaces in a very short time.

Our system is made of steel sheet parts on a solid steel body. The whole system is coated with Electrostatic powder paint for anti-rust and corrosion and antistatic structure. You can disinfect multiple points with a single device that you can easily navigate with the 5-spoke wheel System at the base.

HNT-1935-TOWER There is a Time Setting on the area where you can adjust the disinfection process. After entering the recommended distance / second time here. It will be enough to leave the environment and operate the device with the remote control provided with the system. After the device works for the time you enter, it will automatically turn off and give an audible warning. In the event that any living creature enters the area during operation, the device will automatically turn off thanks to the radar sensor on the device.

Technical Data :
Lamp Technology: UV-C
UVC Lamp Charter: 6 Pieces
UVC Lamp Power (Single): 41W
UVC Lamp Power (Total): 246W
Dimensions (Body Diameter x Height): Ø35 x 120
Weight: +/- 7kg
Energy Supply: 220V / Ac
Impact Distance: 5 meters
Planting Time (meter-minute): 1m-1min / 2m-2min / 3m-4min / 4m-8min / 5m-15min
UVC Life: 9,000 Hours
UVC Wavelength: 254-270nm
Lamp Type: T5
Lamp Base: B16 (4Pin)
Replacement Lamp: Optional
Beam Angle: 360 (Degrees)
Noise: 10db
Ambient Operating Temperature Range: -10 – 40 c °
Chassis Materials: Steel Profile
Outer Body Materials: Steel Sheet
Feet: Anti-Vibration, easy to drive
Steering Wheels: Ø40
Paint: Electrostatic Oven Paint
Installation: Plug and Play
Power : 220V
Safety Labels: Instructions for use and Warnings


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