Uralta Jaru K – Folding Utility Knife


100 adet stokta (stokta kalmasa da sipariş verilebilir)

It is designed for daily use.

The cutter is the most basic tool of man. In the countryside, in the city, on the road, at work, in the kitchen, in the workshop, a cutter is often needed. That’s why we designed the Jaru series as the ideal cutter.

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100 adet stokta (stokta kalmasa da sipariş verilebilir)

Şikayet Bildir


Open-close with one hand


Easy-to-find replacement blade

– Compatible with all standard (60 x 19 mm) diamond type blades

– Building markets, hardware stores, stationeries, e-commerce stores can be obtained. (Usually sold in packages of 10.) Click to see spare blade samples in new window

– Spare blades are very cheap.


Blade replacement in seconds

– Thanks to its innovative trigger design, it is very easy and fast to insert and remove knives.

– In places that cannot be entered with the cutter, you can remove the knife and throw it away.


Easy to carry

– In pocket, key ring, bag, emergency kit …


Stainless body

– Chrome steel


Proprietary design





Dimensions: 74 x 30 x 5 mm / Closed

127 x 35 x 5 mm / Open

Weight: 55 g

Body: Stainless, 304 Chrome Steel (1.4301)

Blade: Carbon Steel

Package Dimensions: 10 x 16 x 1 cm / 100 gr





1 x Jaru-k

1 x Straight Knife

1 x Curved Blade / Claw-Shaped (spare)

1 x Instructions for Use and Warnings Document

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